Top 10 Posts of 2012

I started this tradition a few years back when someone asked me what the most popular posts wtop-102012ere in the past year. Sometimes I try to predict what the "hot" topic will be for the coming year, but almost every year I am surprised by what made the Top 10.

Here, based on views over the past 12 months is the 2012 Top 10 list. I'd love to hear from you individually what you would have picked as your #1!

  1. Memorializing Memorial Day
  2. Leadership and the Iceberg
  3. To end bullying requires a cultural change
  4. Got the back to school blues
  5. Rotary 4-Way Test: Don’t just recite it — live it
  6. Why “Anti-Bullying” Doesn’t Work – Part I
  7. What if schools were run like a business?
  8. How would YOU like to be remembered?
  9. Teen burning victim Michael Brewer’s assailants get jail
  10. “Change” requires DOING something different


I find it interesting to see how many of these made last year's "Top 10 List!" Would you have predicted that? And, even more curious will be what the coming year holds for us as we strive to make this world a more respectful, compassionate and considerate place in which to live.


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