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Facebook is the New Holiday Letter

You know me: sometimes I just muse about things that strike me as absurd.  For years I have struggled with the notion of the Annual Family Holiday Update.  You know what I'm talking about: those fancy, often gaudy, missives where the "head" of the family tries to be as clever as possible bringing their whole known universe up-to-date on the year gone by.  I really don't have a problem with the idea of a catch-up. We all have such busy lives that we have trouble keeping abreast of the doings of our friends and family.  Where I run into problems is that the family letter too often turns into the family "brag fest."

obnoxious christmas letterDon't tell me you haven't been the honored recipient of just such a piece:

Things in the Doe family couldn't be better this year!  Father has continued to top the charts in his role as salesperson for XX Corp.  In fact, because he's been so brilliant and closed so much business, XX has had to revise their entire incentive program. I mean, how many reward trips to the Orient and Hawaii can a family handle in one year? Next year we are thinking about giving several of our prize trips away -- there just isn't enough time for us to go on them all!

Little Suzy -- well, she's hardly little anymore -- has made the most magnificent match in Archibald. Who knew he was "closet royalty?" Once the engagement was announced, and the responses to the Save-the-Date card started coming in, well, we realized the venue we had chosen just isn't big enough for the over-1000 of our closet friends that want to share in their day of joy!

Tad has himself had a spectacular year.  Certainly we all know of his particular brilliance, but this year, he surprised even us! At the tender young age of 5, he has become the youngest student ever to be accepted at Harvard, in their molecular physics program, nonetheless!  Naturally, we accepted on his behalf as he is too young to sign his own name properly. The upside of the early admission is that it certainly simplifies our college application process, allowing us to focus more energy on those incentive vacations.

Finally, not to talk too much about me, but "Mother" has been quite busy this year, putting up all sorts of items to share with those less fortunate, chairing many important committees and galas, and working late into the night spinning my own organic fabric to make sure Suzy, Tad and Father are dressed in only the "greenest," and ingredient-pure cotton.  Thank heavens we have those incentive trips or I might never get any rest at all.

Well, happy holidays to you all.  Please keep your own family letters coming -- it's so hard to keep up these days, but we wish for you a happier and healthier New Year.  'Til Next Year!

You get the idea...But it's the downstream effects of these letters that I want to talk about -- and how that applies to much of what's going on in social media venues like Facebook.   (more…)

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On Being Selfishly “Selfless”

10% Happier Dan HarrisEvery once in a while, I come across something that smacks me upside my head with a great big "Ah, ha!  I KNEW it."  Something so obvious, but I'd never heard it put that way before that it just leaves this lasting impression. Today, as I was finishing Dan Harris' book "10% Happier," I had just such a moment.

In the chapter entitled (I'm writing it as it reads folks) "The Self-Interested Case for Not Being a Dick," Harris recounts a story where he is interviewing the Dalai Lama. They are exploring the idea of self-cherishing and the link between that and the "development of concern for [the] well-being of others."  Harris himself has a huge lightbulb moment based on the revelations of the Dalai Lama and comes to the conclusion that "...there is a self-interested, or selfish, case for being compassionate?"  His Holiness responds, "Yes. Practice of compassion is ultimately benefit to you. So I usually describe: we are selfish, but be wise selfish rather than foolish selfish."

In the decade-plus timeframe that I've been coaching children, parents and professionals on the value of SocialSmarts, this is exactly a point I've been trying to make: (more…)

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Corinne’s Top 10 Posts of 2011

ITop 10 posts on business success, education, civility guess I have succumbed to the popular tendency to look back at the year just past and create a "top 10" list.  I did this in 2011, when I did a review of my top 10 after I reached 100 posts. It turned out to be popular, so maybe I'll make it a regular thing.

What's interesting to me is that the "Top 10" of my posts turned out differently from what I expected.  I was SURE that the piece "To End Bullying Requires a Cultural Change" would be in the #1 position. But, it appeared third on the list and not even CLOSE in readership to posts #1 and #2.

Without further ado, here's the list of Top 10 -- for those of you who are regular followers, I'd love to hear what you think about this list and are there any that surprise you...or would you recommend any that should have made the list?

  1. Leadership and the Iceberg
  2. “Change” requires DOING something different
  3. To end bullying requires a cultural change
  4. Got the back to school blues
  5. Rotary 4-Way Test: Don’t just recite it — live it
  6. Bullying in the movies
  7. What if schools were run like a business?
  8. “Congress Must Pass Law to Prevent Teenage Bullying in School” – Say WHAT??
  9. Academics + Social Skills = Better Results
  10. How would YOU like to be remembered?



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