Bullycides — when will they stop?

"Bullycide in America" is the name of Brenda High's book. I met Brenda several months ago at a speaker's conference and I've kept in touch with her since then. I have it here in my office. The stories she shares are dreadful.

What's even more dreadful is that nearly every day now, we could add another chapter.  Today, I learned of two more.  One recent, one back in March.

Scott Walz was due to graduate high school tomorrow. Dave Savini of CBS2 in Chicago will be doing a special on him, his life, and his tragic bullying death tonight. There's an entire Facebook community dedicated to him -- I joined today.

Christian Taylor's bullycide was just within the last week.  I'm due to be the guest panelist at a live WebCast sponsored by DailyPress tomorrow at noon ET. If you'd like to participate, here is the link.  It's important to do everything we can to raise awareness and build momentum to put a stop to this senseless loss of life. (more…)

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