ebook “Breaking the Bullying Culture” is available now!

Right on the heels of the announcement of the general availability of first book in the "Education Reform and Other Myths" series, now I'm happy to announce that the long-awaited second book is ready on Amazon for Kindle.

"Breaking the Bullying Culture" continues the discussion initiated in the first "Education Reform" book ("The Stumbling Blocks in the System and How to Fix Them") by turning the focus on bullying and school violence.

This book offers an in-depth look at the bullying epidemic, providing details about how extensive the problem really is, what is being done about it, what doesn't work and why, and what will work to stop it.  Recent high-profile and lesser-known incidents are covered, and there is substantial information about traditional bullying as well as cyber bullying, including an essay by the renowned Information Security Strategist Christopher Burgess on bullycide in America.

"Breaking the Bullying Culture" is now available for purchase and is also available through Kindle's lending program for free. It's my sincere hope that readers will find this a helpful resource in their efforts to end bullying in our schools and community. Every child deserves to be safe and secure and it IS within our means to make that happen!


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Where will we go after 48 Hours’ bullying special “Words Can Kill?”

Tonight CBS' 48 Hours airs its hourlong special on bullying and cyber bullying "Words Can Kill." You can be sure I'll be watching.

Even though SocialSmarts wasn't included in the segment, I did provide quite a bit of background information to the producers last Spring that I hope was helpful in developing the special. We are also included in the companion "Resources" page CBS has published.

What I think is going to be important is what schools and parents DO after they see this program. As I frequently point out, I don't think we need more awareness.  It's pretty clear, particularly given the media emphasis over the past 2 years or so, that we KNOW we have a problem. The question is, what will we DO about it?  Where will we go for answers, and how do we take effective steps to cure this epidemic?

To that end, I announced yesterday a new site www.cyberbullyingsolutions.com which is a highly targeted site bringing information, resources and solutions to schools and communities. While it's still "new" we will be continuing to work on it, develop it and bring "best of breed" solutions to the public. There are opportunities for inclusion by other content and products/service providers and we'll be building that list of partners over time.

I encourage you to visit the site and provide your feedback. It's time to stop wringing our hands and talking about how tragic this all is. It's time to take action and do things that WORK so that no more tragedies like this occur.

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How accountable are schools for bullying?

This question keeps coming up and frankly, it's haunting me.  It came up at a recent speech I was giving at a school on the topic of bullying ("7 Steps to Eliminating Bullying: an Inside Out Approach"); it came up in a discussion on Facebook with several parents who have lost kids to bullycide; it comes up again and again: how do we hold schools accountable for bullying that occurs?

Sadly, there's no easy answer.  The challenge is that this is another part of the "cultural" aspect of bullying I've written about previously. See, we assume that "bullying" takes place between the perpetrator(s) and the victim(s) only, but the reality is that the culture of the school enables it to occur and enables it to continue.

What role, then, does the school play in being effective in ending bullying...or, conversely, allowing it to continue? (more…)

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