New reports imply Phoebe Prince had it coming?

In the last couple of days, articles have appeared in the media that seem to be trying to shed "new light" on the case of Phoebe Prince's bullying suicide.  One bombshell, in Slate Magazine, provides a fairly detailed outline of the teen's life and circumstances before her death. In the article, references were made to her incidents of cutting herself, how she poached other people's boyfriends, and the implication is that she is at least partly to blame for what ultimately happened to her.

Ok, maybe it's just me, but this entire article offends me.  It's the same as saying, "well, she deserved to be raped because she wore provocative clothing." Rubbish. (more…)

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Bullying nothing new — but severity and frequency is

When I talk to people about the problem of bullying, many of them will say it's nothing new. There have always been -- and will always be -- bullies.  It's a "natural" part of mankind, they say.  Survival of the fittest, they say.  It's "normal."

Well, if it's normal, it doesn't mean it's not wrong.  

It's wrong to wake up in the morning, check the news and hear about another young child who has ended her life because of bullying. This time, an 11-year old who hanged herself and left a diary that reports she was bullied. (more…)

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A new day — another bullying death?

I just shouldn't look.  As part of my "job," I have to stay up on what's going on in the world related to my area of expertise. Since I do frequent media interviews, one habit I've gotten into is checking Google Trends and CNN for stories related to bullying, social skills, education and such.  It's my "homework," but I'm getting disheartened by what I see.

This morning, reports on Fox News and other sources of another teen suicide, bullying is apparently involved.  A 15 year old girl jumped to her death in Alabama. Preliminary reports indicate she was bullied in school, so this may be at least a factor in her death.  (more…)

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