Worry: increasing “popularity” of bullycide?

Yesterday afternoon, when I wrote the post about Cassidy Andel, I thought we only had 30 bullying suicides that we knew of..that had been documented. This morning already it appears we have one more.  Just as it was last Spring, it's feeling like "Another Day, Another Bullying Death."

But this latest rash of deaths has me even more worried.  It appears that there are not only more of them, but they are coming in clusters. Maybe it's because we are more sensitive to the issue and it's more on the forefront of our minds, but I'm concerned we are starting to see this epidemic take on a different trend...

And that is, that the kids see these bullying suicides and think "Hey, that's an easy way out for me. No one is doing anything to help me anyway, so this is a way to make the pain stop."


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Dear Secretary Jennings — You have a problem…

...and I'd like to help you with it.

I am presently in Washington DC speaking to a number of groups about the problems in education and how to fix them.  When I knew I was coming "to town," I sent a meeting request to Assistant Deputy Secretary Kevin Jennings' office. For those of you who don't know who Kevin Jennings is, he heads up the Safe and Drug Free Schools office as well as the Character Education groups in the Department of Education.

I received no response to the letter meeting request.  Nor did we receive any acknowledgement or response to multiple follow-up phone calls that were may by my office, my representatives or other folks who knew of my visit and had connections to Mr. Jennings' office.

I know Mr. Jennings is terribly busy...and I can understand why. (more…)

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Bullying – the “hot” topic for this week

Can't go five minutes today without hearing of another news program or celeb that is bringing the topic of bullying to the airwaves.  Not long ago, Ellen deGeneres announced she and Anderson Cooper were swapping "sites" to cover the story -- she on his show tonight, he on hers tomorrow. Dr. Phil is doing a show on it later this week.

If things go as typical, it'll be a lot of talk about how tragic it is, how awful that these young people feel no hope in their situation of being bullied or harassed to the point where they take their own lives. We'll talk about the different kinds of bullying and talk about the psychology of who gets bullied and who does the bullying. (more…)

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