Bullies and Bystanders — three years later

This morning I reposted an article that I wrote three years ago on the SocialSmarts Facebook page. This article, entitled "Bullies and Bystanders Beware" was featured on Huffington Post and, as a result, made its way into many different venues, all across the world.

The article was highly acclaimed at the time of its publication, generating hundreds of comments and emails from people all around the globe.  The sentiment was generally the same: "oh, my gosh, we didn't know things had gotten so terrible, something MUST be done."

That was three years ago...

What strikes me, when I reread the article today, is how little progress we've really made in the three years since then. In fact, while awareness of the problem has grown, so has the amount of money spent, laws enacted, and, at the same time, the damage path of anti-social behavior and suicides from bullying. (more…)

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Bullying school deaths – nothing new, so why aren’t we doing more?

I'm supposed to be on vacation. But life has a funny way of impacting even the best of plans.

The cabin we've rented for the week has an amazing collection of magazines. This morning, as I was sitting down at the dining table to keep my kids company over breakfast, I happened to see a copy of Newsweek with the following headline: "Murder in the 8th Grade: A tale of bullying, sexual identity and the limits of tolerance."  But what was surprising to me was the date on the magazine... (more…)

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Columbine 11 years later: what have we learned

!!LATE BREAKING UPDATE: I’ll be talking with Lars Larson on his national show this afternoon (4/20) @ 3:05 PT, discussing the aftermath of Columbine and lessons learned (or not).  Tune in to hear the show or check out the archives.

Talk about being thrown off your game.  I was just getting ready to start an interview with Mike Romigh on WKBN Radio in Ohio.  We were going to be talking about bullying, particularly in light of what's happened in the Phoebe Prince incident.  Mike tees off the segment with a taped sound-bite of one of the young students who experienced the Columbine High School shooting. You can hear the hysteria in her voice as she describes one of the shooters holding a gun to her.  Mike comes in and essentially apologizes for starting the segment off this way because maybe it wasn't a directly related to our planned segment, but the reality was, it was a perfect opener. Listening to that clip, I was shaking...so much for being "poised" for the interview.

Columbine.  You can't say that word without remembering where you were and the horrific images from that dreadful event. (more…)

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