New reports imply Phoebe Prince had it coming?

In the last couple of days, articles have appeared in the media that seem to be trying to shed "new light" on the case of Phoebe Prince's bullying suicide.  One bombshell, in Slate Magazine, provides a fairly detailed outline of the teen's life and circumstances before her death. In the article, references were made to her incidents of cutting herself, how she poached other people's boyfriends, and the implication is that she is at least partly to blame for what ultimately happened to her.

Ok, maybe it's just me, but this entire article offends me.  It's the same as saying, "well, she deserved to be raped because she wore provocative clothing." Rubbish. (more…)

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“Merely words?” Oh the damage they can do…

Have you ever seen a movie or TV courtroom scene where something gets said by someone in the witness stand and, once the attorney screams "Objection," the judge advises that, "will the jury please strike that from the record?"

Dutifully, the stenographer stikes out the statement and, theoretically, the words disappear from the "offical" proceedings. But what about the human physche? Can we just push an "erase" button on our brains? (more…)

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Teens and offensive speech: “…part of the common vernacular.”

This morning, Kayla Manson, the 13-year old charged as a "principal" in the vicious beating of Josie Lou Ratley appeared on the Today Show sharing her side of the incident for the first time.

In the interview, Kayla was asked about the text messages between Josie and Wayne, whether she'd seen any of them. She replied she'd seen two.  In one, Kayla mentions Josie Lou called Wayne a "rapist."  In one back from Wayne, Kayla shared live on the show that Wayne repeatedly called her a "c**t."  After her graphic slip, she was counseled by host Meredith Viera that she has to be more careful of the words that she used -- her expletive is one of the words banned on air. (more…)

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