Bullies and Bystanders — three years later

This morning I reposted an article that I wrote three years ago on the SocialSmarts Facebook page. This article, entitled "Bullies and Bystanders Beware" was featured on Huffington Post and, as a result, made its way into many different venues, all across the world.

The article was highly acclaimed at the time of its publication, generating hundreds of comments and emails from people all around the globe.  The sentiment was generally the same: "oh, my gosh, we didn't know things had gotten so terrible, something MUST be done."

That was three years ago...

What strikes me, when I reread the article today, is how little progress we've really made in the three years since then. In fact, while awareness of the problem has grown, so has the amount of money spent, laws enacted, and, at the same time, the damage path of anti-social behavior and suicides from bullying. (more…)

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Bullying — it’s NOT just for LGBT

In the wake of several prominent gay/lesbian celebrities speaking out on the rash of bullying and suicides of young people with a homosexual orientation, the topic is starting to take on the LGBT slant.

Ok, let's get realistic here.  I agree that many, many kids (and adults) are picked on, taunted, harassed because of their sexual preference or orientation.  No shock there. But, to state, or imply that this is a unique situation to gay/lesbian/bi/trans youth is an insult -- to both both homosexual and heterosexuals alike. (more…)

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Celebrating 100 posts — the Top 15 most popular

Well, yesterday marks a milestone for me.  100 posts since I began the blog.  I've been amazed at what all has happened since then; so many of you have read and participated in the varying topics from "ordinary" social skills and character discussions to the many, many on school bullying.

In honor of the "centennial" posting, here's a list of the Top 15 most popular posts with links and also the first post...

Thanks to all of you that have joined me on this journey.  Hope to keep adding to our group as we going into the second 100 post era!

  1.  "Text Rage:" Technology doesn't CAUSE youth violence
  2. Report: OnLine Ed beats traditional? Think again
  3. What if schools were run like a business?
  4. "Race to the Top" requires improved teacher effectiveness
  5. Effectiveness of anti-bullying programs
  6. Wayne Treacy "explains" his actions
  7. High School -- 1959 vs. 2009
  8. 2009 NCES Indicators of School Crime and Safety: Still think there’s no problem?
  9. "Teachers don't have time..."
  10. Teens and offensive speech: "...part of  the common vernacular.”
  11. About Corinne Gregory
  12. Scott Oki - "Outrageous Learning:" another voice begging for transformation
  13. 44 States now have anti-bullying laws
  14. New reports imply Phoebe Prince had it coming?
  15. Teacher caught on camera beating student

And the very first one, May 2, 2009:

Would love to hear your comments on which post is your favorite or least favorite of those in the list and why.  Also, if you have a particular topic or issue you'd like me to discuss, drop me an email and I'll be happy to add it to the list of issues we can explore!

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