Character Counts is LIVE on Amazon!

ICharacter Counts'm a little late in spreading the word, but as of Christmas Day, Character Counts: Bringing the Rotary Four-Way Test to Life is LIVE on Amazon!  This is the Kindle version of the book. Other versions include the print and iBooks versions will be coming soon.

Already, early sales have boosted the book up to #178 in the Business Ethics category.  Wouldn't it be awesome if we hit #1!  The idea of a book based on Rotary as an Amazon Best Seller is way cool. Having that kind of status means Amazon will start promoting the book to its customers, which, of course includes lots of non-Rotarians! Goodness knows, we need to promote high standards of Integrity and Ethics in our current cultural climate.

Let's get the message out -- Rotary is CHARACTER and Character COUNTS!


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Corinne’s Top 10 Posts of 2011

ITop 10 posts on business success, education, civility guess I have succumbed to the popular tendency to look back at the year just past and create a "top 10" list.  I did this in 2011, when I did a review of my top 10 after I reached 100 posts. It turned out to be popular, so maybe I'll make it a regular thing.

What's interesting to me is that the "Top 10" of my posts turned out differently from what I expected.  I was SURE that the piece "To End Bullying Requires a Cultural Change" would be in the #1 position. But, it appeared third on the list and not even CLOSE in readership to posts #1 and #2.

Without further ado, here's the list of Top 10 -- for those of you who are regular followers, I'd love to hear what you think about this list and are there any that surprise you...or would you recommend any that should have made the list?

  1. Leadership and the Iceberg
  2. “Change” requires DOING something different
  3. To end bullying requires a cultural change
  4. Got the back to school blues
  5. Rotary 4-Way Test: Don’t just recite it — live it
  6. Bullying in the movies
  7. What if schools were run like a business?
  8. “Congress Must Pass Law to Prevent Teenage Bullying in School” – Say WHAT??
  9. Academics + Social Skills = Better Results
  10. How would YOU like to be remembered?



Corinne Gregory is an author, speaker, and frequent media resource on all things related to social skills, civility, positive character and how that relates to education and business. Invite her as a speaker or coach to your event or for your organization and see how "SocialSmarts" leads to better success.

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