The MOST Important Question is….?

As part of the process of my writing "Character Counts: Bringing the Rotary Four-Way Test to Life," I had the occasion to pose this question to my Rotarian email list and the Rotary International group on LinkedIn: Of the four questions in the Four-Way Test, which one do you think is the most important and why?  I have to admit that it's been very exciting to see the responses you come up with. Not just because Rotarians have shared their individual thoughts with me, but because it seems it's sparking conversations at the Club Level!

I've already had three separate conversations with Rotarians around the world who have shared this question with their own local members and they've reported back what their club has shared!  I shared the first set of responses in my email follow-up. You can see some of the detailed replies in the email here.

Overall the numbers I came up with based on the responses to my original question were as follows:

Q1 Is it the TRUTH  57%
Q2 Is it FAIR  29%
Q3 Will it build GOODWILL 14%
Q4 Will it be BENEFICIAL  0%

Subsequently, I heard back from Jack Butcher from the Federal Way Rotary. He had raised my question at his club and reported back what their findings were.  Again, you can click here for the details, but their numbers were a bit different:

Q1 Is it the TRUTH  51%
Q2 Is it FAIR 18%
Q3 Will it build GOODWILL 3%
Q4 Will it be BENEFICIAL 28%

Now, I've heard back from another club, Rotary E-Club of South Africa One. After hearing from their members, the results shook out like this:

Q1 Is it the TRUTH 35%
Q2 Is it FAIR 20%
Q3 Will it build GOODWILL 15%
Q4 Will it be BENEFICIAL 30%

What I found particularly interesting were some of the explanations for why members had chosen the question they voted as "most important."  Here are a few of them...


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