How accountable are schools for bullying?

This question keeps coming up and frankly, it's haunting me.  It came up at a recent speech I was giving at a school on the topic of bullying ("7 Steps to Eliminating Bullying: an Inside Out Approach"); it came up in a discussion on Facebook with several parents who have lost kids to bullycide; it comes up again and again: how do we hold schools accountable for bullying that occurs?

Sadly, there's no easy answer.  The challenge is that this is another part of the "cultural" aspect of bullying I've written about previously. See, we assume that "bullying" takes place between the perpetrator(s) and the victim(s) only, but the reality is that the culture of the school enables it to occur and enables it to continue.

What role, then, does the school play in being effective in ending bullying...or, conversely, allowing it to continue? (more…)

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