Is Truth Dead?

At least, that's what the current issue of TIME Magazine has screaming from their cover. The blood-red letters against the solid black background has an ominous effect.  I saw it as I was returning from a weekend business trip to Ontario, CA, and I found the timing of this issue more than a little coincidental.

See, I'm really focused right now on the topic of TRUTH.  I've been feverishly working on my latest book, Character Counts: Bringing the Rotary Four-Way Test to Life, and as many of you know, the first question in the Four-Way Test reads, "Is it the TRUTH?"  Character Counts is a deep-dive examination of the character building blocks that are embodied in each of the Questions in the Four-Way Test and the topic of truthfulness and trustworthiness is a crucial one in this study.

TIME's article is really about current President Donald Trump and his pattern of misleading statements, but it does bring us to question truthfulness as a whole.  Nancy Gibbs, TIME's editor, says in your column "Where is the line between lie, spin and delusion?"

It's an important question. What is considered TRUTH these days?  As I explored in the book, there is so much moral relativism in our society these days, is TRUTH a matter of perspective or is there something hard and firm we can all agree on that is TRUTH?

And this is where my discussions with other Rotarians has gotten interesting. I recently asked my Rotarian contacts, in their opinion, which of the four Questions in the Four-Way Test was the most important, and why?  (more…)

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Fixing education – doesn’t require Superman

There's a lot of buzz about the eagerly awaited documentary "Waiting for Superman" by Davis Guggenheim.  Set to debut on Sept 24th, already many have had a chance to see the pre-release screenings.

In last week's Time Magazine article "A Call to Action for Public Schools," journalist Amanda Ripley wrote about the background info that's chronicled in the movie.

I'm not going to go into details about the movie at this point -- I haven't personally seen it. However, I did find many of Ms. Ripley's statistics cited in her articleand observations about the movie as quite interesting -- particularly as I've been saying the same thing for years.


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