Presentations for Educators

Educators & Administrators

"7 Steps to Eliminating Bullying in Schools: An Inside-Out Approach" (select presentations for Elementary/Primary or Middle/High School)
Did you know that every year, we spend billions of dollars on anti-bullying programs and initiatives?  Find out why traditional approaches aren't working and how you can have a school culture built on respect, compassion, and consideration. 



"The Effective Classroom: How Social Skills Education Improves Academic Outcomes"

 What is the biggest obstacle to a truly effective classroom? How do we create optimal learning environments even at a time where budgets, staffing, and other resources are scarce? Corinne Gregory analyzes the root cause of nearly every problem plaguing our education system today, and shares proven approaches for dealing with them, efficiently and realistically, allowing us to accomplish more, even in a climate of "less."



"The Missing 'Rs:' Why Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmetic are not Enough"

 Too many of our students come into school ill-equipped to succeed in the classroom environment, and their social-emotional abilities generally don't improve over time.  Learn why the biggest factor in their -- and YOUR -- success has little to do with academics, yet has EVERYTHING to do with academics. 



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