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Character Counts

An inspiring study of character traits embodied in Rotary's Four-Way Test for current and new Rotarians

In 1932, Herbert J. Taylor believed his employees needed an "ethical yardstick" by which to do business. The four questions he penned became the Rotary Four-Way Test--the pledge that echoes thousands of times each week across the globe in hundreds of languages.

The 24 words of the pledge might seem small, but they are significant.  They encapsulate powerful guidelines for how to treat everyone with respect. As our Rotarian population ages, we need to promote the Four-Way Test to a new and younger generation, many of whom already have too little experience with positive character models. This book shows inspirational examples of how the Test works in action, and it is designed to serve as a useful tool in education and outreach for years to come.

Here's some of what you'll find in the book...

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  • Introduction
  • Brief History of Rotary and the Four-Way Test
  • Individual Chapters on each of the Four Questions, their character foundations, their meanings
  • Case studies and anecdotes about Rotarians and others who have demonstrated the concepts discussed
  • Detailed discussions about Integrity, Tolerance and Acceptance in light of the Four-Way Test
  • Applying the Four-Way Test
  • The Four-Way Test and the Golden Rule
  • Sources for more study or information

Each chapter concludes with a "Your Turn" section that contains prompts for your own personal review or discussion with a book group, club or other gathering.

The book will also contain a "Wall of Fame" where supporters who have helped make the book come to life -- through contributions or other support -- are recognized. To become a "Wall of Fame" supporter, click here.  You can choose to have yourself recognized, your Club (if applicable), provide a name of a loved one, or maybe even share the name of a Rotarian past or present you would like to honor.  Share a lasting legacy to someone you feel believes that "Rotary is Character and Character Counts!"


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Character Counts

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