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"Street Smarts...or SocialSmarts® for Success" (select presentations for Elementary/Primary, Middle/High School, or College Students)

Perfect for school assemblies and group meetings!! Students learn why they should care about their social skills and abilities. Why good social skills are as important to their success as academics, and will make everthing else in life come so much more easily to them. This presentation is tailored to the age group of the audience, in order to connect with students and make it relevant and interesting. Always a fun talk, whether for 20 or 2000. Even the grownups are sure to learn something new and be entertained!

"Who Cares???"
Designed for Elementary/Primary grades, this presentation explores the vital concepts of empathy, compassion, caring.  We discuss what happens when empathy is lacking, covering such issues as put-downs, teasing and bullying. Very entertaining and engaging while sharing with students valuable information about these important topics.

"How Rude!!"
Designed for Teens and Preteens, this 40-minute romp is sure to entertain as it puts a humorous spin on common rude behaviors typically exhibited by kids in this age group. Kids get a kick out of seeing mannerisms and habits they have seen in their friends played out by an adult -- and one that supposedly TEACHES manners and etiquette. The relevance of good social skills and manners is taught by bad example, by being the living image of "what not to do" and then examining the better, positive alternative.  

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