What People Are Saying...

"This is the first speaker/program I have ever been to that actually had an approach to reducing bullying.  A shirt saying that is is wrong does very little to fix it.  Thank you for bringing her to the conference."

- Feedback from a participant at the Iowa Library Association's 2011 Annual Conference

"A world-class speaker...Thank you for providing an enjoyable and informative series of presentations ...to the public and to over 1,200 students at school assemblies throughout the Mississippi Valley. I knew that the school presentations were effective when I saw the positive way that students responded...I especially want to thank you for being the featured speaker at BiState Literacy Council's Awards Breakfast. Your message on the importance of learning social values in order to have academic success resonated well with tutors and mentors who very often have to work through social issues with students before accomplishing academic success."  
- David Layton, President,
Bi-State Literacy Council
"After each wave of new pop psychology fails to help our children and their parents, the strength of old-fashioned common sense continues to make the biggest difference in preparing children for the real world. Corinne Gregory's perceptive and powerful insight deals with the most fundamental learning skills of children."
- Glenn Anderson, State Representative
Washington State House K-1 2 & Higher Education Committees
"Thank you for a very informative seminar.  I really enjoyed your presentation as you have a wonderful speaking style and your information is long overdue. I bought your book as I know your information should be repeated."  

- Dave Letrondo, AIA, LEED AP, Architect, Studio Meng Strazzara




Joan Spencer of SWERV shares impression about Corinne Gregory's "Overcoming Failure to Educate" Presentation

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"Corinne Gregory has been a speaker at 3 functions I have attended--we sponsored 2 of them. Her insight into the long-term consequences of the failure to address Social Smarts at an early age is both enlightening and frightening. She focuses on the reality of what is happening in our K-12 School systems around the country and ties it directly into remediating it at an earlier age. The consequences of adopting the program are a better trained and responsive workforce as well as more well-rounded character development. By offering both a concise description of the problem and then providing a viable solution she is a rare person in this field."
- Bill Werner,Chair
Business/Education Committee for the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce

"Your session was very well received!  The teachers and students we talked with enjoyed your content. Teachers felt it was very relevant to the students. The teachers and staff felt your session was positive, relevant and interesting for all those who attended."  

- Cindy Peschell-Hull, Health Fair  Week Coordinator, Environmental Adventure School 




Click image to download PDF from Leah Poole, Executive Director, United Way of Liberty County 





Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU - this is long overdue and actually, in my opinion, shameful that we've had to come to this (you teaching children instead of parents) - but as they say, it takes a village to raise a child.  


"Your presentation was exceptional and the importance of promoting positive social skills, in my view, can't be underestimated.”   






- Dave Letrondo, AIA, LEED AP, Architect, Studio Meng Strazzara 




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