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What’s in a Name?  Uh, a whole lot, actually…

I don't like Connie.  Or Colleen, either, for that matter. 

No, I"m not referring to any particular person and it's not that I dislike those NAMES, per se.  It's that people call me by "Connie" or "Colleen" all too often.  It's not just that they get my name wrong -- heck, we all make mistakes, and I've long since gotten over mispronunciation (is it"Co-RINN" or "Co-REEN?").  I even reconciled myself with the fact that my name was misspelled THREE different times in my High School yearbook when I was a senior...and not even misspelled the same way. THREE different mis-spellings.

But, there is a time when it's strategically important to use my name correctly: when you are trying to sell me something.  Let me explain...


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