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"It's Not Who You Know, It's How You Treat Them: Essential SocialSmarts® for Business Leaders"

Society and business are becoming increasingly globalized and diverse. Based on the acclaimed book of the same name, learn the essential  skills today's leaders need to know to stand out from the crowd and navigate tricky situations. From interpersonal and communication skills to issues of ethics and integrity, learn why being socially smart makes all the difference today in your individual career or your organization's success.

"Leveraging the Power of Respect"

A presentation for business executives and others in leadership who want to build more creative, innovative teams and business models.  Studies show that businesses with cultures based on civility and respect are more productive, innovative, and creative. What are the important traits -- for leaders AND teams -- and how to get there.

"CoPowerment®: The Art of Turning 'Me' into 'We'"

After decades of "It's all about ME," "He Who Dies with the Most Toys Wins," and "What's in it for ME," why are some companies faring better than others? As we enter an era where the youngest workers are challenged by a "Me-centric" approach, how do we build successful teams out of a group of independent-minded individuals?

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